01.01.2013 – 01.02.2013: Galaxian Competition

SUPPLEMENTARY: The contest is over. With a score of 26.150 Points has Darrin earned the highest score in Vectrexians. Congratulations!

From 1. January to 1. February at the Games competition “Galaxian Legacy” instead of. The competition is organized by Rob Maerz, Author and operator of the online magazine “Retrocade Magazine” organized. Played the game “Galaxian” on various retro consoles, including the Atari 2600, NES and the Vectrex.

is on the Vectrex Vectrexians, of the Vectrexians-Spielmodulin 2007 published for the Vectrex Galaxian clone, play. As in all Galaxian reactions of the players in Vectrexians fighting groups of strangers, which are somewhat reminiscent of insects. The aliens attack the player's spaceship to individually or in combination and bombard it. Im Video-Review von Classic Game Room get a good impression of the game.

Who should not be in possession of Vectrexians, can the game directly from the Developers Kristof Tuts For 40 EUR (plus. 6,50 EUR Shipping to Germany) to order. The price of 40 EUR seems high, therefore a few words: The many hours carefully converted and very well playable Vectrexians comes as play module in a box, Recently manual and with film (Overlay). The film was printed by screen printing on two sides and has the highest print quality. Finally you with buying Vectrexians supports the development of retro titles. Bottom line, a good investment.

Learn more about the Galaxian Competition can be found at Forum Retrocade Magazines. Registering in the English forum, participation in the competition are as always free.

Vectrex Regeneration – iPhone and iPad as Vectrex console

at “Vectrex Regeneration” I think somehow on vacation and Wellness. This developed by Rantmedia and today released app has but little to do:

Vectrex Regeneration is essentially an emulator for IOS, allows playing Vectrex games on the iPhone or iPad. To the emulator around the player a sophisticated foil made user interface is offered: The player can be in a virtual room (see screenshot on the left) look around and pick up the game title by tapping off the shelf and start playing. High Scores are displayed on a chalkboard, also made nice and appealing. Im Video of Rantmedia you can see that everything was very good.

The app can be found in iTunes easily under the name “Vectrex Regeneration” to download. The app itself is free and includes Minestorm and games War of the Robots, Vector 21 and Continuum of George Pelonis. The Mega Pack with the original titles Armor Attack, Bedlam, Berzerk, Blitz!, Cosmic Chasm, Fortress Of Narzod, Heads Up, Hyper Chase, Pole Position, Rip Off, Scramble, Solar Quest, Spike, Star Castle, Star Ship, Star Hawk and Web Wars suggests again with 6,99 USD (that. 5,40 EUR) to book.

How well Vectrex Regeneration on the iPhone, iPad or even on an iPad with iCade plays I can not say for lack of equipment. But the iPhone is likely to be small because of the control. Note, that an iPhone 4 or new or. iPad 2 or later is required.

Interestingly, the project is but all and for Vectrex lovers with iPhone or iPad is to download and try out the free app with Minestorm almost a must. An implementation for Android is scheduled according to the manufacturer Rantmedia. Then I'll be there…

pack Vectrex – not just for Christmas

For wrapping one takes Geschenkpapier. Usually. The Vectrex consoles the pack down soon differently: “Vectrex Wraps” is a project of Michael Flowers. A Vectrex Wrap is a set of stickers, whose size and design are precisely matched to the Vectrex and be applied to the console and the joystick. This one turned into the black Nu and a little sad ausschau Journeyman in a colorful, conspicuous figure. “Wrap” way, comes from English and means as much as “wrap up” or “packaging”. One or the other Vectrex collectors introduce themselves with words like “sticker” the hackles, but no fear: The stickers can be removed without residue again, also a multiple attaching and again removing be trouble.

Already in 2007 Michele Fiori had such a Wrap “Protector/Y.A.S.I.” developed, shown here right when affixed. In Michele Fioris Galerie is in many pictures the development of this wraps shown, at that time in an edition of 90 Piece was produced.

Michele Fiori won the project start 2012 revisited, currently a total of three new designs in work: Protector, Y.A.S.I and Scramble will be available soon. On his website he shows under “News” Draft new Wraps. The designs sit here on the original machines in arcades, also Defender (Protector), Space Invaders (Y.A.S.I.) and Scramble.

Who has taken a liking to the wraps and also want to paste and beautify his Vectrex, can a set Vectrex Wrap for 30 Dollar (that. 23 EUR) reserve. Given a formless E-Mail an Michele Fiori send.

Vectrex serial numbers database V2.0 online

Each Vectrex owner has at least one. Or even more: Vectrex serial numbers! At each Vectrex console rear sports a white sticker, on which are the serial number and the exact model.
At exactly this information is what the Vectrex serial numbers database: Here are serial numbers and other information collected centrally and made available online general. And why is it called “Version 2.0”? There has been a Vectrex Serial Number List of Vectrex lovers Gauze, but this was not maintained in size and was very simple, the data and queries. Oliver from VectrexMuseum has therefore made it and a new Vectrex Serial Number Database V2.0 programmed.

From the information gathered already the one or other interesting information could be in the past to win. So we now know, for example,, that delivered at the end of the short Vectrex Vectrex era models with serial number 31xxxxx no longer have the Vectrex typical hum.
The more entries are present in the database, the sooner can make analysis on it and draw conclusions. Now: DC back depreciate on the Vectrex the information on the label, or take a picture with the phone and then in the Vectrex Serial Number Database enter!

First worldwide Vectrex Gameday

Am 1. November was the first global Vectrex Gameday (engl. Play Your Vectrex Day) instead of. On this day all the Vectrex lovers were invited, their Vectrex from the basement up or down to pick up from the attic and play a little, then to centrally entered in the Vectrex Wiki. The aim of the event is to share the fun on the Vectrex with others and to communicate. Participation had 24 Vectrex collectors and players from different nations. More information and all participants of the Play Your Vectrex Days 2012 you find in Vectrex-Wiki. The Vectrex Gameday is every year on 1. held November, so best equal to the 1. November 2013 Enter the calendar. Next year, a reminder is also here in time be posted. Then it means: join in!