Vector War II from 23. August – 9. September 2012

Vector War II-LogoFrom 23. August to 9. September, the Vector War II instead. The Vector War is a game competition on the Vectrex.

the Vector War II is actual fighting of Rob Maerz, the author of an online-
Retromagazins. Participation is free of charge, only a Vectrex with
Play (Original, Multicart or VecFlash) and a digital camera and
English language skills for communicating the highscores's necessary.

The Vector War is not just for experts, but for all the Vectrexbesitzer
have fun playing and want himself and measure at other. It is
a good opportunity, the games to pull off the shelf and the
to experience video games as in the 80s: Yourself more with the more simple games
deal to improve de gradually and then eventually to a
herauszukitzeln or other highscores.

They will play a total of 10 games. To get into the final classification, have to be
you at least 6 of the 10 Games convey a score.
play: Berzerk, Blitz, CleanSweep, Cosmic Chasm, Scramble, Solar Quest,
Star Castle, Star Trek (aka Star Ship), Vector Pilot und Y.A.S.I..
The six former games are original games, which is also called, among other things
place on Multicarts. A Multicart is of, among other Andre Coleman offered.
Vector Pilot und Y.A.S.I. can at Kristof Tuts and John Donzila to buy.

More information in English Retrocademagazines Forum. Join – play with!

Here we go…

today (2. November 2012) I have WordPress installed, set up and started writing ‘times. Before such content management systems I had always jitters and respect, but the device went to my joy really simple.

Correct, There are already very good English Vectrex Websites such as that of VectrexMad!. This website will especially stand out by the German language. For beginners, Collectors and players it is here News, provide useful and interesting: What should I buy myself first? Where can I get games? What must in my collection? Is there free games for the Vectrex?
'Let's see, how that develops over the coming months and years, and if everything works out…

your comments, feedback, Criticism and suggestions to the website I receive love!

At this point again a big thank you to Axel, who has left me this domain and has thus laid the foundation! And thanks to my wife, that they often me “potter about” leaves.

Thanks for reading and have fun with the Vectrex and!

Helmut (hcmffm)

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