26.01.2013 – 25.02.2013: Full throttle in Speedweeks


addendum: The Speedweeks are over, clear winner is NorthCoastGamersShop with a fantastic lap time of 100,1 s. congratulation! The rankings in detail:

1. NorthCoastGamer (100,1 s)
2. darin9999 (106,1 s)
3. axl8000 (117,6 s)
4. hcmffm (119,8 s)
5. knaagi (120,1 s)

Vectrex- and Retro players currently come fully at their expense: After this “Galaxy Legacy” have on 26. January four-week “Speedweeks” started. They will play various racing games such as Indy 500, Pole Position or Outrun – Of course on retro consoles such as the Atari consoles (2600, 5200, 7800), the NES, the ColecoVision and some more.

The Vectrex is at the Speed ​​Weeks with the racing game “Hyperchase” there. A fastest possible lap time for the game 1 (Game 1) must be earned. Very good to play 1 is, that after ca. 2 to 3 is minutes a lap, a game by. So you can portioning playing time good and sometimes just turn 'a fast lap.

Three Tips for Hyper Chase:

  • Hyper Chase is easy to understand from the controller ago (Left Right, Gas, brakes, switch), A glance at the manual but can not hurt. The Instructions for Hyper Chase and all other original Vectrexspielen you can free download and view at Digit Press.
  • The game should due to the fibrillation necessarily with color film (Overlay) play, the reduced flicker. If the Hyper Chase film is not at hand, then does it matter, any other color film. possibly. also regulate the brightness down a bit, then the flicker is also more bearable.
  • For most Vectrexspielen can show the high score again, by carrying out a reset, but so not with Hyper Chase: In documenting Hyper Chase the highscore necessarily directly after the game my photo, otherwise he's gone: After a reset of Hyper Chase the high score of game 2 appropriate, but not from game 1.

Learn more about the Speed ​​Weeks can be found in Forum Retrocade Magazines. Registering in the English forum, participation in the competition are as always free. And now: Buckle up and go!