What should I look for when buying a Vectrex console?

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Most Vectrexkäufe should probably be done on ebay, because on other platforms as Quoka or hood, the supply of very thin Vectrexsachen.
The descriptions and images of ebay sellers are in this case very different. One can now as a prospective customer to put together a long list of questions and send it to the ebay seller. One should there but better focus on the key issues: Continue reading

There's the info…


Currently I see almost every night with my daughter Sandman. Directly in front of Sandman comes some self-promotion of KiKA and as it is with cute child's voice: “…and visited us at enemenebu.de, because there's the information and the address from KiKA!“.

The address of the Vectrex I do not unfortunately offer, well but Learn to Vectrex. Prepared in the form of questions and answers found here interesting facts. Gradually over time so many things will be added.
course you can post a comment on this post log, that would interest you and / or yet to be taken and should answer as a question or topic.

Have fun while reading!