New Vectrex game: Hexed!

For a long time it had become rather quiet with the publications of Vectrex games. Hexed!-2 Today is surprising the game “Hexed!” appeared. The game itself is not me prior to date, therefore I give essentially the website again:
In Hexed! is it to Vector 21 and Royal 21 Now to the third card game from George Pelonis for the Vectrex. Music and design of the cards are removed from the area Voodoo and dark magic. The recently published game is used as Fury Unlimited, with instructions, delivered module inside a plastic. Hexed! costs 40 USD (that. 30 EUR) including shipping. Orders are directly on the Website of Hexed! given up, Payments are made via PayPal.

As is ever the current state in the Vectrex homebrew development?

The very active George Pelonis (Fury Unlimited, U.S.A.) would have 2012 recently published Warrior, its shipping but increased slightly. So currently wait many collectors and players on their copy of Warrior. The procurement of the necessary for the preparation of the Games PCBs caused problems and delayed delivery. Neben Warrior bot George Pelonis in 2012 new controller (Overdrive, Starblast, YETI, Vectrosis), offered on its website, are partially but already sold out. Next game Tailgunner is actually expected, the intertitles Hexed! comes as quite surprising.

Vectrex homebrew developer Kristof Tuts (Tutstronix, Belgium) had end 2011 with the excellent Vector Pilot geklotzt. Until the appearance of Vector Hopper, a clone of the Arcadehit Q * bert or Vector Patrol (Moon Patrol), should there be some time, although long been promising screenshots can be admired from two games on the website. Kristof's games are well known for their quality, However, unfortunately for their long development period of several years.

Martijn Wenting (Revival Studios, Netherlands) currently being developed for other retro platforms such as the ZX81 or the Commodore Pet. The games on these platforms are well received, However, by increased development for the Vectrex, where the last game Shifted in 2011 published. In Martijns pipeline for the Vectrex include MVR Racing, a car racing game with extensive track as seen from above and Vector Arcade: Volume 1, a collection of 5 Vectrexspielen on a module.

Michael Borrmann would have 2011 with Vec Fu, a karate match, landed a graphically as playful successful debut. Michael had a follow-up project “Blocks” announced, the on his website can be downloaded as a very early trial and played. The current development status is unknown.

This year 2013 likely next Hexed! still Hellhole and announced some time Tailgunner published by George Pelonis. we remain excited…

Pre-order now: AtariVox +

SUPPLEMENTARY: The AtariVox + can now at “” be ordered. Now the prices for AtariVox + are known:

  • AtariVox +: $29,95 (that. 22,80 EUR)
  • Connection cable for Atari 2600: No additional cables required
  • Connection cable for Atari 7800: $4 (that. 3,11 EUR)
  • Connection cable for Vectrex: $8 (that. 6,20 EUR)
  • worldwide shipping: $12,10 (that. 9,40 EUR)

With a AtariVox +, Connecting cable for the Vectrex, Shipping and 19% Import VAT of 19% one is taken on ca. 47 EUR. All EUR-prices are based on the current exchange rate.

started on 12. March 2013:
The AtariVox +, a hardware adapter for voice- and sound output for the Vectrex, die Atari 2600 and 7800 will be available for purchase soon commercially.
Already AtariVoxIn the year 2002 would have Richard Hutchinson the VecVoice developed, a hardware option for the Vectrex for easy output of sound and especially also language. The VecVoice is connected to the Vectrex instead of the second controller and is from there the power and the commands for voice- and sound output. 2004 Then came the VecVox, a development of VecVoice, which could also output sounds next Language, on the market. The VecVoice but only a short time was available.

2007 asked Richard Hutchinson then the AtariVox in front, which for the legendary Atari consoles 2600 and 7800 was designed. Finally, the end was 2008 from AtariVox the AtariVox +, which can be connected to both the Vectrex and the Atari consoles and is fully compatible with VecVoice. Core of AtariVox + forms a chip to chip, via dip switches, one of the modes VecVoice, VecVox or AtariVox be set.

The AtariVox + was 2007 Although fully developed, for various reasons, but is only now a circulation of AtariVox + "" by AtariAge users in preparation. Pre for AtariVox + as Forenbeitrag, Board Mail (PM) or by E-mail adopted. More information in English Forum of AtariAge.

Many homebrew games like Verzerk, Protector, Y.A.S.I, V-Hockey, Shifted, ColourClash, Debris and Debris Revisited support VecVox and provide additional sound effects, Music and language. For collectors and players of Vectrex homebrew games the acquisition of AtariVox + a must should be.

It should be noted yet, that AtariVox + itself no built-in speaker has. To hear, one closes with a standard 3.5mm jack on either a headset or a passive or active speaker.

Bacterial infestations in Vectrex color films “Made in Ireland”

Supplement of the occasion on 22. December 2014:

Space War-OverlayLast week I had sold a Vectrex game, when I took it out of the basement and inspected before packaging, came the big shock: The color film was heavily damaged in several places. looked equal in the other games, Three other color films had similar damage and were also scrap. The remaining games were to my relief in order.

After research and discussion in Vectorgaming-Forum has emerged following: The Vectrex games were produced at two locations, in Hong Kong and Ireland. The films from Ireland was not the usual PET (polyethylene terephthalate), but the PET-A, a variant with a higher proportion of antimony(III)-oxide, used. The PET-A has over PET better break- and impact resistance, However, it is prone to infestation Spirillaceae bacteria upon exposure to moisture. Typical of the infestation is the notch-like pitting from the edge. This issue was well known already in the 80's, thus the color films from Ireland were provided with a papery Cases, which includes a so-called PET-A blockers against bacteria. On storage of the films in the protective sheath, diffuses the PET-A-blockers and there are even over decades no problems with the color films.

The problem affects all color films “Made in Ireland” and thus all retro collectors with Vectrex color films. Thus, the to-find only in the color films from Ireland cases represent an important antibacterial protection and are essential for safe keeping necessary. The cases are therefore in the meantime in individually ebay at high prices sold.

A simple and cheap alternative to the original cases with PET-A blocker is applying moisturizer with Vaseline (z.B. Melkfett) and is recommended by experienced Vectrex collectors: “The fat keeps the moisture from the plastic, thereby eliminating the bacterial attack. The fat may however be only very thinly with a wooden spatula, otherwise you no longer sees playing.”, so Vectrex-Guru VectrexMad!.

Minestorm-DetailThe origin of the film, which does not necessarily coincide with the place of manufacture of the games module and board, is based on the printed small on the right side and in white release date to determine. In those susceptible to bacterial contamination, European films from Milton Bradley “01.04.1982” imprinted (see image).

So quickly check most equal, whether you have one or the other color film from Ireland and store definitely this in the original protective bag, grease or the ink sheet. Only one is immune to the bacteria attack and also after many years joy in the iconic color films.