Game of the Month April: Fortress of Narzod

SUPPLEMENTARY: Winner of the Fortress of Narzod game competition Darrin was fabulous 42.710 points. Congratulations to Darrin, the after Galaxian Legacy Competition with Vectrexians now can celebrate his second victory Vectrex!

SUPPLEMENTARY from 02. April: Fortress of Narzod became selected Game of the Month April. The Games competition has started and runs until the end of April. Scores are in Forum Retrogame Magazines registered. These reports through the forum and create a post with the name and photo of High Scores.

started on 7. March 2013:
The next Vectrex games competition is coming:
Currently, the Forum des Retrocade finds Magazines choosing the Vectrex game of April instead of, when everyone can vote then. For that game, there will be a competition in April. The pre-selected and nominated candidates are:

  • Bedlam
  • Fortress of Narzod
  • Rip Off
  • Star Trek

Who wants mitabstimmen and play, the logs in English Forum Retrocade Magazines an. And like always: Registering in the forum as well as the participation in the competition is free of charge. One can thus only win…