News in January

Allen Vectrex friends and interested Vectrex still a Happy New Year! This year's winter, you can make so far only the calendar and the short days. But the right season, To daddeln on the game console or sitting at the computer is now all.

Ave Maria

The crib is re-wrapped, but Mary remains for us get a little: Sascha aka “The lynx” is currently developing the space shooter “Ave Maria”. Where is indeed beamed in the previous levels of development but not shot. Sasha's entry into the Vectrex programming is by chance, because actually he composes music for retro consoles. Full of enthusiasm for him newly acquired Vectrex he has made himself a few weeks ago to the programming work and what's seen so far from Ave Maria, is promising. The “Maria” is the spaceship, with which the player has to master various tasks in several Level.

delivered: Madtronix


Sometimes things are announced, then run again but in the sand and are never heard from them again. The announced return of John Macallan (Madtronix) but has become really true and the 3D imager replicas are currently being delivered. On the Madtronix website John informed very timely on the production and delivery.
Because of a cable fire in the Swedish Post, the stamp collectors will be happy twice among early purchasers: The packages are very abundant equipped with Swedish stamps.

Vectrex Manual²


It should be mentioned my own project Vectrex Manual²:
The instructions for the Vectrex original games, there are all the web as Text files and also as scanned PDFs. contain the text files format requires no images and PDFs are of medium quality.
Reason enough to make me to the manual vectorization and readjustment of the Manual of Star Castle, also as an exercise for a full version of Mailplane. The resulting Star Castle Guide has just as PDF 200 Kbyte and would hardly be distinguished with real pressure and paper from the original. More Vectrex games instructions are planned, Next is the guide of Dark Tower turn . addendum: Meanwhile, a total of five instructions have finished and they have their own page “Vectrex game instructions” get to download.

With Vector Patrol, Hellhole and others will 2014 again an interesting Vectrex year. we remain excited!