Veccy Bird – ye 'nen Vogel?!

The Atari 2600 and the C64 have it. And the Sinclar ZX81 as well. And now the Vectrex. In mid-February published a first version of the game “Veccy Bird” on the Vectrex. Veccy Bird is a clone of the app “Flappy Bird” the Vietnamese Dong Nguyen (Gears Studios).


The Veccy Bird developed by Michael Simonds is a consistent implementation of the Vectrex: Veccy Bird flying through an obstacle course of tubes. The gravity pulls the misshapen bird, which has approximately the shape and rate of descent of a stone, resistant down. But by a short push of the player flutters Veccy Bird and so gets huge boost to top. The player must therefore maneuver fluttering Veccy Bird through a landscape of ever closer tubes, what sounds easy, but as the original by the reflected limited control capability k-n-o-c-h-e-n-h-a-r-t. Any contact with one of the inside protruding from the top or bottom tubes leads to the immediate death of the little bird, which is equivalent to “GameOver” is.

The story of the original game “Flappy Bird” is interesting and quite strange at the same time and should be briefly told here:
Flappy Bird war im Mai 2013 newly published in the AppStore. Whether it is the very simple gameplay, the very high level of difficulty or even the suspected manipulation Developer Nguyen, definitely Flappy Bird quickly became the absolute download Hit: Until September 2013 Flappy Bird was already 50 downloaded millions of times. 50.000 US Dollar pro Tag to have the game become popular introduced by switched Advertising.
After the rapid rise came in early February the surprising case and Off: By prior announcement via Twitter remote Nguyen himself the app from the app store. Nguyen Reason: The game and its success was ruining his most simple life. A few players have it even half driven to madness, nice to read is because even the Even an attempt FAZ Reakteurin. Although Flappy Bird can not be officially downloaded directly as an app, so haunts the download package for Android and iPhone still around the net.

Back to Vectrex version:
Based on feedback in Vectorgaming Forum considering Michael Simonds, the currently high difficulty of Veccy Bird to correct downwards slightly. Therefore, likely to be followed at least yet another version level.
Michael Simonds represents the ROM of Veccy Bird free for download, it can be so in Emulator ParaJVE be played on the PC or with VecFlash or VecMulti on the Vectrex.

Thank you very much, Michael, for challenging Veccy Bird!