VectrexWraps – Italy now makes pressure

Michele Fiori had two months ago announced a new edition of his VectrexWraps. In addition to the combination Protector / Y.A.S.I. (Defender/Space Invaders) of the year 2007 it is now pure Protector- give and Y.A.S.I. wraps and a new Scramble Wrap.
Just to remind: The VectrexWraps be applied to the Vectrex console and make the black box an attractive piece of jewelry in the style of the original Arcades. After the first announcement of VectrexWraps it was quiet, but orders the last two weeks have been completed and recently the presses had to do with the new edition of the Vectrex Wraps:


Michele Fiori still takes orders for the current edition. Michele's contact information and numerous pictures of the beautiful Wraps finds her on Michele's website. Im Vectorgaming Forum prices and shipping costs are listed. If there is demand, there may be additional requirements later. Designs like Berzerk, Vector Pilot and perhaps Vectrexians are loud Michele in planning.

Thank you very much, Michele, for beautiful Wraps! Now there is another reason for the second- or third-Vectrexkonsole…

Bombenhagel, N.B.Z. and VECFAHREN – Made in Germany

Very umtriebig in matters Vectrex programming Sascha aka The Lynx (lynx soft): After the first trial AVE MARIA (2. January) surprised Sascha in very short time intervals with bombs (16. February), N.B.Z. (18. February) and VECFAHREN (5. March). The conspicuous by its held in German title games are simple in design, but still provide fun. And Sascha actually comes about composing pieces for retro consoles ago, distinguished all games by their own music. But one by one:

Upon a request by Madtronix after a demo for a new multi-cartridge back has Sascha “Bombenhagel” developed. The name is program: In a mixture of Kaboom and Missile Command, it is for the player, destroy incoming flying bombs, before they touch the ground and detonate. Madtronix had given directly to the appointment with his request for a title for his new Multicart, unsuspectingly, that a developer would take this as a starting point for the complete development of a game from scratch. So bombing originated in a quick-fix action in just two days. Whether Sasha woman food and drink brought to the computer, is not known. Bombs will be available exclusively on Madtronix Multicart, on Video shows the gameplay.

N.B.Z., Sasha's third plant, is a prequel to AVE MARIA. In N.B.Z., that for “Nobody Remains Back” stands, the player controls a spaceman and needs to make well put together, the charge for the later flight. Around Flying shots disturb the spaceman in this endeavor. N.B.Z. is exactly like AVE MARIA still developing, by Sascha in Vector Gaming Forum videos posted to N.B.Z. you get already a good impression. In addition to the music is a Sascha the VecVox to Speech.

The safe pun intended the youngest and fourth title VECFAHREN be well understood only German speaking players. Where and why the player drives off in the racing game in perspective as pole or Outrun, However, it remains unclear. Powerful lot of traffic on the dead straight track (probably inspired by the Australian Stuart Highway) require the highest concentration. The idea is simple, by the deep-acting graphics the game still looks appealing. On his website, Sascha has the ROM of VECFAHREN available for download.

thank you, Sascha, for your interesting Games creations – but do not begrudge you also take a break and forget your young family not! 😉