Shifted – World Challenge

From 1. August sees the Vectrex Competition “Shifted – World Challenge” instead of. Besides some fun prizes can be won.

Shifted is an action-puzzle game, a quick puzzle game on the Vectrex. Martijn Wenting (Revival Studios) had a first version of Shifted already 2008 developed. Only 2011 revised Martijn then the existing level of development and once again significantly published this tete. Survival mode (Survivalmode) it applies, as long as possible to keep the flood of emerging symbols stand. In addition, the player is in Challenge Mode in total 70 demanded challenges: Changing requirements and wagering give players some variety and makes this title even more interesting.

From 1. August to 1. November, players worldwide rows back- and forth- and high- and down slide and can be measured. To the victor on points waving an original Minestorm II Cartridge. And all players, Who qualifies, will automatically be in the draw of a limited edition of Shifted, VectoBlox or debris Revisited (winner's choice) part. Read more, Conditions of participation and discussions are Vectorgaming-Forum to find.

In good 3 Weeks we go…

winners of 1. Price is jacuk
winners of 2. price is “The lynx”