VectrexWraps – New designs: Vector Pilot, Vectrexians, …

By sticking the VectrexWraps transformed to the black Vectrexkonsole in a Defender- or Space Invaders machine. Michael Flowers, The designer of VectrexWraps, now has new designs created.

Michele Fiori plays himself enthusiastically Vectrexians and Vector Pilot. therefore his new designs are mostly existing and new tracks by Tutstronix:

  1. Vector Pilot (Time Pilot)
  2. Vectrexians (Galaxians)
  3. Vector Patrol (Moon Patrol)
  4. Berzerk

In addition to adhesives for dressing the Vectrex Michele has added to remaining vacancies numerous stickers, which can be mounted where an ornament on the Vectrex but otherwise.

The selling price per wrap is 20 EUR +. Shipping. The wraps for Protector, YASI and Scramble are still available. Michele Fiori takes orders for Wraps emailed. More information and pictures can be found on Michele's website.