Vectrex programming at Pforzheim University – Back to the Future – part II

Hach, the good old times! at “Back to the future andt” meant still good “part II”, the “Reloaded” only just came decades later.
As the last year the robotic hospital consigned NAOs and indicating whether they are on the road to recovery, I have to clarify. [EDIT: NAOs are back safe and sound.] At any rate, currently set at Pforzheim University to the 20 Students again over backward – much to the delight of all fans Vectrex. Led by Professor Dr. Peer Johannsen learn the students the hardware dependent programming, while almost incidentally created a variety of Vectrexspielen. the “by the way” does not reflect the high cost and large use of students approximately. In the Professor Dr. Johannsen established and currently held Vectrex-Projektgalerie 2017 you can get a good idea of ​​the Games and their current state of development.
In addition to the fact sheet with game description and screenshots of the games this year there is also some videos and interesting design sketches, which give an interesting insight into the very versatile projects. Has made me particularly addressed the opening image and the design sketch of Dragonsnake and very curious.

The students I wish every success in learning the hardware-oriented programming – on the Vectrex!

Release – With the button through the wall

For release at ease some questions, such because the game is, the released because (released) has been. but the game is really so and the name is well chosen, because it is exactly the gameplay again:
The player controls the fire button a destructive 5/6/7/8-Eck and attempts, fend off the approaching attacker. If the fire button is released, then all opponents, which are located at the moment on the polygon, destroyed.

Playing alone with the fire button restricts the player strongly in the possibilities of a, But the very fact will release a very exciting and thrilling game, which is a graph showing an Augenschmaus. The German author, under the pseudonym “family” developed, is none other than Christopher Salomon, since the 1998 has developed for the Vectrex and now develops the development environment Vide and now release after a long pause. More information and the binary to download and try it gives up Christopher's website. Thank you very much, Christopher, for great release!

No Swiss cheese: vecZ

“Who invented it?” could be in the Vectrexspiel “vecZ” ask:

René Bauer, Lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts and in the retro scene as “”la1n” (engl. lion, lion) known, would have 2015 the game Squarez presented. Squarez is a port of conceived by him and developed the browser game “Squarez”. In 2015 hat René die Demo “sinZ” released, a demo with a waved lettering and an animated face.

His latest work “vecZ” is a vertical shooter, of me a little of the game Xevious remind: The player controls his spaceship through a kind of canyon with various defense facilities and opponents. vecZ is graphically aware rather minimalistic but attractively decorated; the majority of the opponents are composed of four lines.

René has posted to its website kindly the Binary of vecZ ready, together with overlay graphics and source code; so everyone can easily vecZ once in a Vectrex emulator such. B. ParaJVE try out. Further, in Madtronix vecZ as yellow slim Cartridge (Boards without housing) be ordered and overlay. Thank you very much, René, for the attractive and very well playable vecZ!