Vectrex programming at Pforzheim University – The sixth

The Black Forest is known for its long tradition in the watch industry. Most think of cuckoo clocks, but wristwatches also have their home there. And since 6 Years will be on the northern edge of the Black Forest, more precisely in Pforzheim, Vectrex games manufactured. Of course, six years are not yet a long tradition and the Vectrex games are not manufactured but are created as an accessory while learning. Either way, it's a very nice thing for us Vectrex friends.

This year are current 20 Students there, in total 180 Hours to get to know hardware-related programming using the Vectrex. Under the direction of Professor Peer Johannsen, the students develop despite difficult circumstances – Corona still sends its regards – first a concept for your game to then implement it in the following months. The variety of games should be great again this year – the Vectrex Academy project gallery 2021 gives an up-to-date and impressive overview and the concepts are already interesting and worth reading.

I wish all students many new and interesting insights into their projects, good success and, last but not least, fun!

Hera First – Juno First – first God

The title already reveals to connoisseurs of the retro scene, what it is: Hera First – a clone of the one published in the 80s by the Japanese games company Konami “Juno First”. I do brisk always like the origin of the name, Hera Primera as a linguistic allusion to Juno First is clear, but at Juno First I didn't find anything. For the first 2009 resulting Atari 2600 version of Juno First, a story with a colony on the planet Juno was invented; but the real origin of the name seems to be a mystery.

But now Hera Primera, that of the developer Ulrich Schulz aka PeiseLulli already 2016 had started. PeiseLulli is mostly in the C64 scene and dared to do the Vectrex for the first time with Hera Primera. Even the very first version of Hera Primera impressed with the good depth effect and the very nice and fluid animated opponents. The youngest, after registering in the C64 forum downloadable trial version, is from June 2018 and is very playable and with different levels.

For a few months now, PeiseLulli has not been working alone, but is reinforced by Oliver aka v3to (Logo and color foil) and Kamil aka Jammer (music) under the name “PriorArt” on road. The goal is a complete version of Hera Primera with a module, Box, Instructions and color foil to produce. Here is a current video, which the first 5 Level by Hera Primera with the catchy music and the very well coordinated color foil shows:

The full game will be available to order at some point and hopefully will continue to be available for free download. I will update this post, when the time comes. Hopefully soon!
EDIT: Hera Primera should be available from June 2023 be available. Im's shop can it as MB- and GCE version can be pre-ordered.