Big Blue – Dive with the Vectrex

Big Blue – Big Blue was the thrilling French movie of the year 1988.BigBlue-Logo Also under water and not less exciting in the recently completed new Vectrex title “Big Blue” to. is the player in Big Blue object, to ertauchen as divers a single key or treasure on the seabed.

Beginning 2014 Chris Parsons has made animated by his son because, to develop an underwater game. Initially swam only a diver and a fish and the title was not yet clear. Then more and more game elements were added over a period of two years: Hedge, a boat and an island, lie on the upstream different dive resorts.

After about 2,5 Years Big Blue now completed – namely as a complete version with box, Instructions and Cartridge. Two things make Big Blue for a special Vectrex title: The venue “submerged” and the lack of shooting. Chris has deliberately dispensed with harpoons or other weapons, thus creating an absolutely family friendly game. I am looking forward to it, to play with my daughter for the first time – the perfect happiness is only likely to mermaids mode missing.

Big Blue has a circulation of 100 Copies and can Chris Website be ordered.

Vectrex programming at Pforzheim University – Back to the Future

A bit like Marty Mc Fly from Back to the Future the male and female students at Pforzheim University are likely to in the course “Vectrex programming” have occurred:
In the summer semester 2016 standing in front of the students to learn the low-level programming is not as in recent years the usual NAO robot model H25 V4, but an over 30 years old, black Vectrex console model 3000 G1-EURO.

How did it happen? For small by its size of only about. 60cm cute acting, humanoid NAO robots college was a prolonged maintenance. An alternative for the robot had to be found and Professor Dr. rer. nat. Johannsen came on an unusual idea: In the attic he had from his childhood still a Vectrex console. After thinking and tinkering Professor Johannsen had put on a development environment, can be written and compiled 6809 assembler or C in the source code in Motorola. The preparations were thus established all, would be interesting, how many students would get involved with the Vectrex programming and select this quite special course.

The antiquity of the Vectrex console and something special registration for the course “Vectrex programming”, for the well-known for his enigmatic based learning Professor Johannsen had set tasks related to Machine-oriented languages ​​as first hurdles, was interested students put off apparently, since the course began with a total of 27 Female students.

About five months later and many, many lectures, internship- and hours worked on are now a total of 21 emerged Vectrexspiele, in the Vectrex-Projektgalerie exhibited are.

The majority of questions the students kindly binaries, the manual and the optional overlay visuals available for download. The results presented in the Project Gallery with description and screenshots Vectrexspiele can therefore be tried directly; a Vectrexemulator as ParaJVE to play on a PC or a VecFlash- provided or VecMulti cartridge to play on the original Vectrexkonsole.

To date, I only came to, to look at the two games Space Assault and traffic Race accurate. Both games are full games with scoring, Control and opponents; in Space Assault started Fabian Pfeifroth even has implemented several levels with different opponents.

Professor Johannsen and the students are very satisfied with the results arising – and manage the:
In addition to learning the machine-oriented programming as well as the careful use of limited resources such as memory and processor time are virtually interesting as a side effect, quite playable Vectrexspiele with instructions and some even came with color film. Therefore, from my side, kudos and thanks to all the students for the creation and deployment of their first films and a lot of success and fun for further study!

Vectrex32 SmartCart: The power of two hearts

The vector of the Vectrex is something special; if it were not for the limited processor and memory of the Vectrex would. So probably many a developer has thought – but now Bob Alexander did something: Die Vectrex32 SmartCart. On a clear board to a microcontroller is a modern 32-bit processor with 200Mhz and a 512kB RAM module. For comparison: The Vectrex clocked at 1 MHz and used it a simple instruction set; floating-point arithmetic, we do not want to talk. This board is plugged into the module bay, From there leads the 32-bit processor, the processing by the processor during the Vectrex only reads the video memory of the board and use this information to record the vectors.

In a demonstration video Bob impressively shows, what is possible with the Vectrex32:

Bob lives in the US and has the Hard- develops and software Vectrex32 entirely alone. He now sells first 20 Copies of SmartCart for $150. plus. Shipping and customs charges will cost the Vectrex32 SmartCart for German buyers at the current exchange rate ca. 200 EUR.

For further information in Vector Gaming Forum or on the website nicely done to find.

The Vectrex32 SmartCart could herald a new era for the Vectrex. I press the thumbs Bob, that Vectrex32 by collectors, Players, especially once one or the other developer is adopted and arise out new interesting games for the Vectrex.

Robot Arena: enthralling, fast and challenging

Robot Arena - Teams jumper Recently, videos have emerged with the current beta version of the game Robot Arena and have caused great enthusiasm among many Vectrex players: Robot Arena is to Robotron 2084 ajar, This applies among players as one of the most demanding games. The player is exposed in an arena, in which it is a short, must survive long predetermined time or eliminate this time all the enemies in the arena. That sounds easy, due to the sheer masses of enemies it makes tough and confusing for the inexperienced player.

Author of Robot Arena is Thomas Sontowski; a newcomer among the Vectrex developers. But not really a newbie: Thomas employs professionally for many years with systems programming. And that his Thomas “craft” understood, is obvious: So many simultaneously animated objects you last at Vector Pilot (Kristof Tuts) or Protector (Alex Herbert) seen. A total of 40 level with 12 very different enemies make the game very varied and keep the players on their toes.
A special feature of Robot Arena is the support of two controllers: The plasma gun moving with joystick 1 while with Joystick 2 controls the direction of the shots. Thomas has also thought of players with only one controller, in game mode with a joystick, he even has the difficulty in accordance with the limited control slightly adjusted and made simple.

Even now one can speak of a top game for the Vectrex in Robot Arena. In what form and when Robot Arena can be ordered and purchased, is not yet clear exactly, this information will now be added here.

Vector War V – The international Vectrex tournament

On Friday begins the now fifth Vector War. The annual Vector War is THE international Vectrex tournament. From 30.10. – 7.11.2015 fight players worldwide on the Vectrexkonsole points. They will play this year following titles:

1. Blitz!
2. Dark Tower
3. Minestorm
4. Pole Position
5. Spike
6. Star Trek (Star Ship)
7. Tour de France

8. N.E.L.S.
9. Omega Chase Deluxe
10. Protector
11. Royal 21
12. V-Frogger

satisfy a Vectrex For participation with games (Original-Cartridge, Multicart or VecFlash), a digital camera and English for's transmitting the highscores required. To participate you do not have all of the above 12 have games and play, are sufficient to attend the scores of 6 title.

When Vector War participate very good players, but it is nevertheless not only 'what experts, rather have for all Vectrexbesitzer fun on games and want himself and measure at other. It is a good opportunity, the games to pull off the shelf and to experience video games as in the 80s: Self longer deal with the more simple games to improve de gradually and then finally tease out one or the other highscores.

More details and rules can be found in please Vectorgaming-Forum.

This Friday It's already going on, So once ordered so the Vectrex from the attic or the cellar, whether it is still running!

addendum on 8. November:
The Vector War V is over. The three best players are Vectrex:
1. coleco1981 100,0%
2. VectorXl 99,9%
3. Chainsaw 99,3%

Between the first and the third winners are just 0.7%! Congratulations to the winners and all the players a "thank!"For's Participate!