Robot Arena: enthralling, fast and challenging

Robot Arena - Teams jumper Recently, videos have emerged with the current beta version of the game Robot Arena and have caused great enthusiasm among many Vectrex players: Robot Arena is to Robotron 2084 ajar, This applies among players as one of the most demanding games. The player is exposed in an arena, in which it is a short, must survive long predetermined time or eliminate this time all the enemies in the arena. That sounds easy, due to the sheer masses of enemies it makes tough and confusing for the inexperienced player.

Author of Robot Arena is Thomas Sontowski; a newcomer among the Vectrex developers. But not really a newbie: Thomas employs professionally for many years with systems programming. And that his Thomas “craft” understood, is obvious: So many simultaneously animated objects you last at Vector Pilot (Kristof Tuts) or Protector (Alex Herbert) seen. A total of 40 level with 12 very different enemies make the game very varied and keep the players on their toes.
A special feature of Robot Arena is the support of two controllers: The plasma gun moving with joystick 1 while with Joystick 2 controls the direction of the shots. Thomas has also thought of players with only one controller, in game mode with a joystick, he even has the difficulty in accordance with the limited control slightly adjusted and made simple.

Even now one can speak of a top game for the Vectrex in Robot Arena. In what form and when Robot Arena can be ordered and purchased, is not yet clear exactly, this information will now be added here.

6 thoughts on “Robot Arena: enthralling, fast and challenging

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  1. > Is the release daste know yet?
    Thomas Sontowski planned a limited edition of Robot Arena with cartridge and a box (manual was not clear). I’m not sure how fast Thomas will manage to get a box for Robot Arena designed and produced.

    • Thanks for the info.
      I’m really looking forward to playing this game.

      btw where did you get your information regarding Thomas?
      can’t seem to find a lot about him on the net.

      • Robot Arena is really a great game; Thomas did a very good job. I had been in contact with Thomas for testing and design of the cartridge label but unfortunately this is no longer the case. So I don’t know about the current status and Thomas’ plan for a release of Robot Arena.

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