News in May: Splash of color!

Colored it on the Vectrex, represents the only known black / white Vector Graphics, only by the color films. Significantly more colorful than before but it is her from the Games:
The original title of MB and GCE dominated on the Vectrex clearly the Space games like Scramble, Minestorm or Space Wars, to which were joined a few sports games. The recently developed games bring new varieties and types to the Vectrex: Horror, War and brutality take collection.

By Title “UNTOT” we know the same beating: hunt zombies and not let himself get here. Shouldered with a not too small ax, the player goes to the wanderings and encounters numerous brainless and limbless figures. The control and horizontal scrolling is somewhat reminiscent Karateka; However, an Asian lineage of zombies at UNDEAD is not recognizable.

Soldiers and tanks are the opponents in Lynx Softs’ latest game BRECHER. The player fires full pipe to approaching and numerous enemies.

Death Chase
at Death Chase moves the player with his car as many passers-by. Developed by Chris Malcolm game is strong to the 1976 published game Death Race ajar. At the time, Death Race set off a wave of outrage and controversial discussions.

My personal enthusiasm whether the new game genres adheres very limited, but tastes obviously different and the games are sure to find followers. And at Armor Attack geht's already down to business. Thanks to Chris and Sascha for new developments!

One thought on “News in May: Splash of color!

  1. Even if does not find anything new my taste, I am pleased with the many developments. If I had a VecMulti yet, It would be even more beautiful!

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