News in November

The first Advent and the winter just around the corner. Time to make themselves comfortable at home. Today 'times much to read and little pictures for Look.

The mail plane takes off soon
The euphoria over the two full Mailplane prototypes has settled a little, the memory (ROM) the mail-plane prototype will soon read and Chris Romero is the dump (ROM-Image / Binary) available free on the Internet. Blessed is the one VecFlash or VecMulti and a light pen calls his own…
addendum on 29. Nov.: The ROM of Mailplane was read out and may from 1. December on Chris Romero's Website downloaded.

Höllenloch an Sylvester
That for 30. November, planned new game Hellhole Fury (George Pelonis) postponed again, new release date of Hellhole is Sylvester, so the 31.12.2013. 'Let's see, if the shipment then it works slightly faster than Warrior, many customers have been waiting for months on their copy of Warrior.
addendum on 21. Ten.: Hellhole is completed according to George Pelonis. The delivery is from 1. February 2014 take place.

Space Invaders in color
Y.A.S.I. is the excellent Space Invader clone of Alex Herbert. likely VectrexMad, für Y.A.S.I. offer a color film and does my survey a picture of the demand. The overlay is consuming screenprinted with 8(!) colors printed, thereby printing costs are comparatively high. The final price is expected at about. 15 EUR each overlay are. More details and an email address for expressions of interest can be found on the website .

“Crazy electronics” with 3D glasses
Getting at an original 3D Imager for the Vectrex, is quite a costly affair. And if you have a, is the 3D imager longer on the shelf or cabinet to conserve these as you can really use it.
Anders could be the Madtronix Replicas of the 3D imager. The emigrated to Sweden Johannes Wolff was to 2007 very active for the Vectrex and had constructed a 3D Imager and sold some copies thereof. He also had light versions of Games Logo, Starling and Spike's Circus of Vectorzoa (Alex Nicholson) expelled. For years it had become quiet, as John writes on his website, had a car accident put him out of action for some time. Now Madtronix is ​​back and plans, deliver the 3D Imager and the light versions again. The Madtronix of the Vectorgaming Forum shown images look very promising. class!
addendum on 1.12.2013: Johannes (Madtronix) has a simple order compiled, in which the 3D imager replica (79 EUR), Multicarts, the Vectorzoa games and much more can be ordered.
addendum on 28.12.2013: Johannes (Madtronix) has a Blog furnished, of its current situation shows.

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