Big Blue – Dive with the Vectrex

Big Blue – Big Blue was the thrilling French movie of the year 1988.BigBlue-Logo Also under water and not less exciting in the recently completed new Vectrex title “Big Blue” to. is the player in Big Blue object, to ertauchen as divers a single key or treasure on the seabed.

Beginning 2014 Chris Parsons has made animated by his son because, to develop an underwater game. Initially swam only a diver and a fish and the title was not yet clear. Then more and more game elements were added over a period of two years: Hedge, a boat and an island, lie on the upstream different dive resorts.

After about 2,5 Years Big Blue now completed – namely as a complete version with box, Instructions and Cartridge. Two things make Big Blue for a special Vectrex title: The venue “submerged” and the lack of shooting. Chris has deliberately dispensed with harpoons or other weapons, thus creating an absolutely family friendly game. I am looking forward to it, to play with my daughter for the first time – the perfect happiness is only likely to mermaids mode missing.

Big Blue has a circulation of 100 Copies and can Chris Website be ordered.

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