Bloxorz at Kickstarter

As part of the Retro Challenge Frank Buss had already 2013 a prototype of the game “Bloxorz” developed on the Vectrex. the article “Bloxorz – Toss on the Vectrex” I had reported.

The then resulting prototype is playable, but offers only three levels. Frank Buss a Kickstarter project has now placed, in which he collects money for the completion of Bloxorz. With a contribution to the one supported the project, the other one gets depending on the choice and amount of the contribution the binary or a cartridge of Bloxorz. Those who want to contribute, can by no later than 20. December on Kickstarter do. Perhaps an early Christmas present for themselves?

UPDATE am 04.12.2017: The funding goal is reached. Congratulations to Frank! Bloxorz I find with its isometric graphics made for the Vectrex. Frank considered an arcade mode to implement Bloxorz; should be true then would Bloxorz not only a challenge for puzzle fans; but also for quick thinkers, Combiners and points hunter.

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