Bloxorz – Toss on the Vectrex

laid hardly the virtual pen, again a piece of news: To be held until the end of July Retro Challenge Frank Buss has the puzzle game Bloxorz ported to the Vectrex. The recently published trial of Bloxorz already made a very good impression:

2007 had the Aussie Damien Clarke (DXInteractive) The Puzzle Bloxorz developed as a Flash application: The player has a rectangular block rolling around in the field and store it in a marked square. In Damien Clarkes Original-Bloxorz challenge the player 33 different levels with bridges, Teleporters and switches. Interestingly, this reads “Making of“, in which the Flash developer Damien also reveals, that it was all about a working title for the difficult-to-pronounce Bloxorz.

Frank Buss made recently with his CrazyCartridge Furore, he makes the hardware but not halt, but programmed for the Vectrex a port of Bloxorz and shall in unconventional and interesting ways:
Converting created with Inkscape SVG Illustrations by Phyton. Vectrex programming in C and not in 6809 assembler. Precalculation a 3D rotation using a small Java program. Using these tips and tricks, the rapid development period of just two weeks declared – mind you “so alongside”. Frank Buss calls itself “Fingerübungsprojekt” and describes in his blog in detail, as he has taken, his ways and wrong ways and provides interested parties the source code and the trial as a program (Binary) to disposal. The current trial involves rolling the block in 3 levels. Only after a break Frank is the game press ahead with. The data of a total of 34 Level has Damien Clarke provided him kindly.

Thanks Frank, for this successful and well-documented Finger Exercise!

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