CrazyCartridge – Computing power for the Vectrex

logo-02-256-Color smallFor the Vectrex there are some hardware: Modded controller, Homebrew-Lightpens, Multicarts, VecMulti, AtariVox + and various more. What was missing, and there is not yet in series: An expansion board with processor, can be swapped in the calculations. That could change soon:

Frank Buss currently adjusts its CrazyCartridge an die Vectrex an. When Crazy Cartridge is a general purpose for old video consoles and home computers expansion card with 8MB RAM and SD Card, which can be used as a flashable Multicart. Moreover, the Crazy Cartridge has an ARM Microcontroller, the one with 48 MHz provides a significant computing power. For comparison: The 6809 CPU the Vectrex uses 1,5 MHz.

The development of the cartridge is not yet complete, currently Frank Buss is working hard on a Demo, with it at the currently held Retrochallenge (Summer Games 2013) want to participate. Frank goes new paths, so he put a C compiler for the 6809 and develops its demo in the C programming language. Perhaps that speaks later on other developers, which have so far shied away from the rather laborious assembly programming.

Who more to Franks project “CrazyCartridge” want to read, the place on the specially for the Crazy Cartridge dedicated website numerous information. Also provided online has Frank accurate About his development Demo including first C source code.

The hardware costs are quite high for an additional card, Frank is that financing via crowdfunding (“Schwarmfinanzierung”) do. If the time has come, I will definitely be doing… …and of course report here again.

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