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The Vectrex games are certainly not complicated by the operator ago. If one or the other game like Dark Tower, a look at the games instructions but enormously. Vectrex game instructions can be found on the Internet either scanned and PDF, depreciated or manually as a text file. DigitPress for example, has a complete collection of all game instructions Original Games.

Vectrex Manual²s

The Vectrex Manual²s offered here are very exact, vectorized by hand copies of the original game manuals. Manual²s they are therefore called, because they do not just automatically scanned but by hand (manually) were vectorized and created. Manual vectorization is very time-consuming; every little detail is taken into account. I had started before 10 Years and currently it is 25 Vectrex Manual²s. Little by little, those that are still missing 4 Instructions are added; it will be estimated until all are complete 1-2 Take years. Please note, that it is the GCE-game instructions – so Neudeutsch… Have fun with the Vectrex Manual²s!

3D Crazy Coaster-Manual t_3D-Mine_Storm_Manual t_3D-Narrow_Escape_Manual t_Bedlam_Manual

t_Dark_Tower_Manual Star Castle Manual Spike Manual Spike Manual

Web Wars Manual Pole Position Manual Polar Rescue Manual t_Art_Master_Manual Melody_Master_Manual t_AnimAction_Manual t_Scramle_Manual Mine Storm Manual Star Trek Manual t_armor_attack_manual t_armor_attack_manual t_armor_attack_manual t_rip_off_manual t_rip_off_manual Hyper Chase manual Heads Up manual Cosmic Chasm manual

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6 thoughts on “Download – Instructions for the Vectrex games

  1. 3D Crazy Coaster is broken.

    Also, do you have Clean Sweep? I am going to create one, but if you already have one (even a work in progress) 🙂

    • Thank you for registering and your comment, Barry. The link for 3D Crazy Coaster works fine for me. Could you please try, again?

      My plan is to vectorize all manuals including Clean Sweep. Next manual will be Bedlam. See the Vectorgaming forum for more details on the current status.

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