Download-100pxIn this download area files and documents are available on and for the Vectrex for download. The entitlement to the German language, I give in this area, what is already on track “Download” can recognize. The majority of downloads and documents to get by with English in contact.

ParaJVE – Vectrex emulator for the PC (Link)

papers – Care and Repair
Vectrex Trouble Shooting Guide (PDF)
Vectrex Service Manual with circuit diagram (PDF)
Datasheets some Vectrex devices (Link)
Schematics and for hobbyists interesting info (Link)
Layout of the Vectrex-Logicboards (JPG) © Ron Reuter, MainByte Software

papers – programming
Vectrex ROM – Listing (PDF)
Vectrex Programmer’s Manual – Volume 1 (PDF)
Vectrex Programmer’s Manual – Volume 2 (PDF)

games – instructions (Manuals)
Vectrex games PDF Instructions (Link)

games – Overlaygrafiken
Overlay scans of Chris Parsons
Overlay-Design von Tony Holcomb

games – boxes (Box art)
– in progress –

13 thoughts on “Download

  1. Our unit has been standing unused and are now neither picture nor Tön. Therefore, I seek to repair a circuit diagram.

    • Im Vectrex Service Manual (PDF-document, See link above) is also a diagram reprinted. Good luck with the repair – would interest me, what it then was ultimately.

  2. Hello everybody,

    have the same problem. Length “stored” and now no picture or sound.
    I would be interested what it was…

  3. He has! The usual problem with the “approve” IC socket.
    Who has time and patience, should the base (with the terminals) against those with machined contacts (also “roar”, gilded interior) change.
    The IC socket with “jam” cause oxidation btw. IC pins and the springs(jam).

    can resolve the oxidation with eraser or fiber pen – however, the elimination of the oxide not lasting, which is why the exchange of base really worth.

    .:. lutz

  4. Moin Moin from the north!
    If this page is still maintained? I got a Vectrex flea market find of a mate and the problem is, that the image is not identifiable.
    It manifests itself in, that it is moved horizontally, as in a line error on a TV. Speak: the display has from row to row in an oblique offset image, Font is not therefore inter alia. not readable.
    Gauges are fully available, but I'm not really in the Service Manual on, because I lack frequency information or the like.
    Does anyone have a tip or if necessary. a speci in terms of repair?

    • Moin Marco!

      Thank you for your comment. For now – and that time is only a few months – I do not come to, to maintain the website. Nothing so much going on in the Vectrex Scene, I do not know really, where to start. So I like to refer to the website with lots of interesting info.

      Vectrex console repair is still one of the things, I would like to learn in life. but at the moment I can not help you, unfortunately. I recommend you, your problem description, either in a forum ( or or in the Facebook group “Vectrex Fans Unite!” to post. If you do not like to tinker itself, and that can make someone dear, please register with me via e-mail. I eventually someone on hand.

      Best regards, Helmut

  5. You can not MB Vertex to build as Atari console?
    Dad's mines Sturm2 is available as according to 64 Playing Ebaye
    Greeting Reinhardt

    • A replica of the Vectrex is of course possible in principle. However, it is not enough yes, a console to build and a TV on the normal connections (HDMI, Scart, …) head for, but it must indeed the cathode ray on the TV directly be driven. Therefore, a reproduction takes the console screen comprising. And of course, the screen must be a CRT monitor; because only has so even a cathode ray to draw the vectors.
      greeting, Helmut

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