There's the info…

Currently I see almost every night with my daughter Sandman. Directly in front of Sandman comes some self-promotion of KiKA and as it is with cute child's voice: “…and visited us at, because there's the information and the address from KiKA!“.

The address of the Vectrex I do not unfortunately offer, well but Learn to Vectrex. Prepared in the form of questions and answers found here interesting facts. Gradually over time so many things will be added.
course you can post a comment on this post log, that would interest you and / or yet to be taken and should answer as a question or topic.

Have fun while reading!


2 thoughts on “There's the info…

  1. Not knowing the German language it will be interesting if you could report back if any new information is presented on the Vectrex. I appreciate you will do it in German first but maybe if you can also in English it would be most appreciated.

    Thanks for your suggestion, VectrexMad. I’ve setup an internal mailing list and inform people (who want to be informed) about news, already, I’ll put you on this mailing list, too. Now, I’ll look and see whether I can find a good WordPress plugin.

    Thank you for your proposition, VectrexMad. An internal mail distribution list for new posts already exist for people, who want to stay informed. I'll take you in with the mail distribution. I will also hold a great WordPress plugin out.

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