What is the price of a Vectrex? What the Games?

Your toying with the Vectrex and want now to buy a? Or are just curious, was questions and answersyour treasure is currently worth? Buyer, as well as the sale of Vectrexsachen it is good to know, what things are worth about. With a rough number in mind to avoid mistakes, Rip and disappointment.

An antique is not the Vectrex, but it belongs with their now 30 Years to ensure the old stuff. And for old things of value to collectors are paid, the on Wikipedia describes very understandable; only the most important points for collector value:

The collector's value depends on supply and demand. And these in turn depend on:

  • function (does the Vectrex with controller is not 100%, one will not get a good price)
  • completeness (instructions, Box with two styrofoam parts, color film, …)
  • rarity (not all are the same rare Vectrexsachen)
  • popularity (matches)
  • state (scratch, cracks, wear, …)

Supply and demand are quite unpredictable, it may be, for example,, provide that collectors on ebay on a particular Vectrexartikel and mutually drive up the price. For example, happen when the game Protector, a super-made clone of Defender, its sales with rich 1000 dollar ended. Also, the demand for video games in the summer certainly much lower than in winter.

Butter fish – what does a Vectrexkonsole?

Now what does a Vectrex? The following prices are for the above reasons that only rough, which may differ significantly downwards as above.

addendum 12/2019: Prices for Vectrexsachen have been 2013 increased significantly; The following prices have almost doubles become.

  • Vectrexkonsole with Controller (nO BOX): that. 90 EUR
  • Vectrexkonsole with Controller (CIB *) that. 150 EUR
  • Vectrex-Controller: that. 45 EUR
  • 3CIB D-Imager *: that. 600 EUR
  • Vectrexspiele CIB * – normal: that. 20 EUR
  • Vectrexspiele CIB * – rarely (Pole Position, Polar Rescue, Star Castle, 3D games, Lightpen games): that. 80 EUR
  • Vectrexspiel Minestorm II – very rare: that. 200 EUR
  • Homebrew Games: that. 30 – 400 EUR, highly dependent on rarity and demand

*CIB = ENGL. “Complete In Box”: Full article with games module, instructions, Color film and packaging.

I recommend buyers…

… to monitor the market (for example on ebay search by “Ended Offered” use) and to become once a picture of the offer and the prices. If possible do not buy in a hurry and better buy multiple items at once as a single item. The “Buy”-Deals are priced usually much too high, only if you are sure, that the price is reasonable, thereon “offer”.
An alternative to the sale are classified, once the eBay Classifieds ('just take a look, how long ebay yet itself does competition since), but then also classified at Quoka, Kalaydo or as providers all hot. Depending on where could the Dutch Marktplaats to be interesting, in which there are relatively many Vectrexangebote.
Overall, it takes some patience, but that is what makes collecting so from.

Oh yes: Observe for offers from the USA necessarily, that the purchase price and the shipping costs remain 19% Import tax and from a purchase price of 150 EUR still subject to customs duties.

I advise sellers…

…for sale around Christmas. As many sit in the warm home and dream of days gone. 😉 In a truly rare items offer the products internationally and the upcoming sale on Specialized sites such as the Vectorgaming-Forum or AtariAge-Forum announce.

What you paid her for your Vectrex? Have you made a bargain? course you can post use the comment function and report here another of your Vectrexkauf. Oh yes, and the Serial number Datenbank course would be always about new listings…

6 thoughts on “What is the price of a Vectrex? What the Games?

  1. Hello Vectrex Lover,

    still have a very good working Vectrex with consoles and total 12 Play. Bin 77'er. My father had the Vectrex time (1983) purchased from the Metro with all games. And since 1989 it is packed console. Last I just get out of curiosity brought the console and was amazed, that the novh works ??? do not sell them too. ? maybe she gets someday my son can ?

  2. Hello first great that there is this site thanks to the creator. And yes as it was again our Vectrex. It will probably sound strange, but my brother who works in the yard of the church found the console in large kontäner for waste. All his colleagues have overlooked it. Only my brother looks purely to watch a piece out and thinks it looks like a console. At the time my brother and I console knew not. He has brought out they cleaned out of the garbage and the kontroller contacts cleaned. Then went back everything that had vectrex even no damage and went flawless. When he came home I have researched and have become so fire and flames for the console. So that was my story and my brother.

  3. Hallo vectrex Fans,
    Have my vectrex since 35 years. Am lucky that but my built Minestorm is indeed flawed hardly at level 13 jumps to zero. Level of 100 and more are not uncommon. Mine Storm 2 Cassette I've hardly used. Unfortunately, the device will no longer run recently. Therefore, the question to the community vectrex there to watch a good piece someone who can or can repair.? I would be grateful for any tips.

    • Stupid, that your Vectrex not going, Detlef. I told you sent an email with a few tips. You, you, you, that you get your little machine running again. greeting, Helmut

  4. I have a vectrex of 1982 more than 15 games and 3D glasses and pen (with games). if anyone is interested. it is not cheap. but if anyone is interested send me an email

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