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. 31 years ago the video game crash had torn the Vectrex to death. Since its closure prototypes of games are circulating, which were on the verge of publication. Some of the prototypes as Pitcher's Duel or Dark Tower were subsequently made public by Vectrex fans. Now it looks that way, as if another GCE original title could make it into the Vectrex public: engl.: Mail Plane.

Mail Plane is an educational game that is operated with the light pen and the controller. The player has to load a mail plane (engl.: Mail Plane) with packages and bring them safely to their destination. For this, the aircraft has loaded, a route on a map chosen, the aircraft started, be flown and landed. Mailplane is certainly not a super exciting game that all players have been waiting for eagerly. Nevertheless, it is by the operator with the light pen an interesting title and especially a title.

Exciting is the story of Mailplane, me a little lost in the centuries Ring in Tolkien “Lord of the rings” remind:
Only 1997, So many years after the closure of GCE, was first in the magazine “Retrogames” of Mailplane reported. “forgery!” were then the first reactions, but at that time published details and pictures sounded absolutely believable. F. R. Wilk, a former GCE employee was owned by Mailplane and three other prototypes, he finally 2008 For 5000 offering dollars on ebay. The auction ended with no bids and Vectrex fan Shawn SCALLEN acquired the prototype directly for 2900 Dollar. Shawn had before, the Mailplane prototypes as full version with box, posting module and instruction. The effort and cost of producing a full version at that time could not of the Vectrex fans are applied, so the Mailplane prototype for years on the shelf, bored precisely in the safe of Shawn.
Three weeks ago, then dipped a second, runnable prototype at Digital Press and a week ago then a third Mailplane was listed Prototype on ebay. This auction ended yesterday and Chris Romero (Vectrexer) has bought the Mailplane prototypes. Chris plan, read the EPROM of the prototype and to publish on the Internet for free.

A publication of about Mailplane 31 Years after the company breakdown of GCE Vectrex had a small sensation and in addition to the publication of the binary there are already plans for the manufacture and production of a full version. Stay tuned…

addendum: Chris Romero As announced the ROM image of Mailplane published on its website.

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