How to maintain a Vectrex? How do I set the Vectrex correctly?

questions and answersI'm relieved every time, if after switching on the Vectrex no rising cloud of smoke but the start screen appears and the known “TaTataa!” resounds. Sometimes I ask myself, how long the Vectrex will probably persevere and how I can help her to a long life.

Here some advice about care and setting. The tips are ascending or by difficulty. by conditions, easy to use tips are listed first.

hint: Unplug!
The Vectrexkonsole should after playing not only off, but really pull the plug. background is, that the on / off switch, the Vectrex not completely separated from the power supply and the power transformer on the power remains. At the quiet hum (that. 300 Hz) the Vectrex is switched off, you can hear that too. With the old equipment there is a certain risk of fire and to get the unnecessary power consumption. 3 Watt consumed the off but still plugged Vectrex, a year, keep adding new elements to ca. 25 Kilowatt hours together. Where we are in power consumption: In operation, the Vectrex consumed depending on the image content and other things between 25 and 40 Watt and thus is quite economical.

hint: flicker: use overlay, Turn down the brightness
Depending on the game, the image of the Vectrex can get pretty flicker. The racing game Hyper Chase, for example, as a candidate. can reduce to flicker through the use of an overlay and turning down the brightness on the controller in the backside.
Why the impression of flickering is reduced by, I can only guess: It is likely the strength of the light / dark change between the individual image structures be, which is reduced by the overlay and the lower brightness.

repair: Joystick does not go back to the zero position
The controller is a weak point of the Vectrex: For frequent and heavy use sometime the buttons do not function completely reliable. And the joystick, the springs can break, so that the joystick back no longer automatically to the neutral position. As the controller is opened and how the Spring break can be repaired, describe Wolfgang Robel in a Photogallery and Scorb.ius in einem Video. As a replacement spring, the spring of Atari 2600 module can be used.

brummen: Buzzfix
The hum is part of the Vectrex like salt to the soup. It must be said, that it is a matter of taste both times. The hum is having a design flaw to virtually all Vectrex consoles. In the produced towards the end of the hum Vectrex console as well as the Minestorm level was corrected error 13, these consoles are respectively at the serial number 31xxxx. 4xxxxxx to recognize. But also for the Brummer under the Vectrex consoles there are remedies. With some electronics knowledge and especially a soldering iron, you can get down to the Entbrummen the Vectrex. Wolfgang Robel has created an illustrated guide, on her Wolfgang's website finds.
The components together cost under 5 EUR. Who does not want to buy the components individually, for the so-called Debuzz kits are a good alternative. A provider is Console 5 but there are also more. Best for the terms “vectrex buzz kit” googling.

Illustrated repair instruction from Wolfgang Robel
Retro Snippets #46: Vectrex Stick Repair

N O C H I M A U F B A U :

– Crackling potentiometer
Contact Spray, exchange

– Remove dust

– adjust image

7 thoughts on “How to maintain a Vectrex? How do I set the Vectrex correctly?

  1. Hello,
    a German Tut to Buzzfix would be great. possibly. with pictures. So I do not dare approach the thing.

    On the subject remove dust. My Vectre-owner was probably very heavy smoker. The works have the chips, but fortunately compressed air gibts 😉

  2. Oh ok thanks for the advice. I have my console eingestäkt in a socket that I can Unignore I guess that works too. Or should I anyway because stäker out zer not know not because of. That with the brightness I wuste not thank you.

    • I think with “socket” do you think a power strip. If the power strip has a power switch, then you do not need the Vectrexkonsole unplug, since the power switch disconnects all connected devices from the mains. Next have fun with your Vectrex!

  3. Hello!

    've just brought my vectrex from the garage, in which they over since 10 years has been in storage. but unfortunately no tatataa, not to wake the poor thing seems to sleep from the long - no image. hab screwed it, ne fuse discovered - is ok. did a bit with rumgemessen, but for now nothing in the power cord, the security and the einschaltpoti found.

    this is so sad! helmut, do you have any idea? would be glad,

  4. Command back! vectrex runs!!

    've read the on-switch would have to 35 years be abundant gummy. and actually came only the sound (close) and now somehow the image!

    got the switch not even cleaned (sounds to me not that easy).

    thanks for nothing 😉 – except for this wonderful website and greetings to all friends this best of all consoles!


    • Nice, that your Vectrex running again after a difficult start. Have fun with your Vectrex and a nice greeting, Helmut

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