Vector Patrol – …one giant leap for the Vectrex

In the much-heralded by the press Super Blue Blood lunar eclipse on 31. January no one has really seen something in Germany. It was cloudy and a lunar eclipse occurs more often and is not compared to a solar eclipse as impressive. The Lunar Eclipse seen from the moon would have been worth seeing and is similar to the course and by the sight of her a long eclipse.

Interesting and exciting is also a ride over the moon, you can do on the Vectrex now with Vector Patrol. After Vectrexians and Vector Pilot Kristof Tuts has now brought out with Vector Patrol his third game for the Vectrex. And what a great game! In the clone of the arcade classic Moon Patrol, the player controls a moon vehicle and thereby must craters, Mines and much more cleverly skip, dodging bombs and bullets and shoot spaceships and tanks.

Again Kristof has the vector graphics and the color film used in an optimal and coordinated. Vector Patrol is with the image, the music and the sounds and the feel and content very close to the original. Moreover Vector Patrol offers impressive cutscenes in 3D and subjects, which can be unlocked. Kristof really got everything out of the Vectrex. Thanks Kristof, for the excellent Vector Patrol!

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