Vector War VI – The international Vectrex tournament

End of October begins the now sixth vector war – um – Vector War. From Saturday, the 29. October will compete Vectrex player worldwide for a week on the Vectrex. They will play following this year 12 title:

GCE / MB:Vector War 6-Logo
1. Berzerk
2. Clean Sweep
3. Dark Tower
4. Hyperchase
5. Minestorm
6. Polar Rescue
7. Star Castle

1. N.E.L.S.
2. Shifted
3. Star Fire Spirits
4. Star Sling
5. Vectrexagon

The participation and the conditions are like last year:
satisfy a Vectrex For participation with games (Original-Cartridge, Multicart or VecFlash), a digital camera and English for's transmitting the highscores. To qualify satisfying scores of 6 the above title.

When Vector War participate very good players. The tournament is yet not just for experts, but have all the fun playing Vectrexbesitzer. It is a good opportunity, the games to pull off the shelf and to experience video games as in the 80s: Self longer deal with the more simple games to improve de gradually and then finally tease out one or the other highscores.

Winning teachers receive a return of attractive prices; among other things, a Vectrexagon VIP Edition and a Death Chase / Nox. More details and rules can be found in Vectorgaming-Forum


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