Vector War V – The international Vectrex tournament

On Friday begins the now fifth Vector War. The annual Vector War is THE international Vectrex tournament. From 30.10. – 7.11.2015 fight players worldwide on the Vectrexkonsole points. They will play this year following titles:

1. Blitz!
2. Dark Tower
3. Minestorm
4. Pole Position
5. Spike
6. Star Trek (Star Ship)
7. Tour de France

8. N.E.L.S.
9. Omega Chase Deluxe
10. Protector
11. Royal 21
12. V-Frogger

satisfy a Vectrex For participation with games (Original-Cartridge, Multicart or VecFlash), a digital camera and English for's transmitting the highscores required. To participate you do not have all of the above 12 have games and play, are sufficient to attend the scores of 6 title.

When Vector War participate very good players, but it is nevertheless not only 'what experts, rather have for all Vectrexbesitzer fun on games and want himself and measure at other. It is a good opportunity, the games to pull off the shelf and to experience video games as in the 80s: Self longer deal with the more simple games to improve de gradually and then finally tease out one or the other highscores.

More details and rules can be found in please Vectorgaming-Forum.

This Friday It's already going on, So once ordered so the Vectrex from the attic or the cellar, whether it is still running!

addendum on 8. November:
The Vector War V is over. The three best players are Vectrex:
1. coleco1981 100,0%
2. VectorXl 99,9%
3. Chainsaw 99,3%

Between the first and the third winners are just 0.7%! Congratulations to the winners and all the players a "thank!"For's Participate!

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