Vectrex32 SmartCart: The power of two hearts

The vector of the Vectrex is something special; if it were not for the limited processor and memory of the Vectrex would. So probably many a developer has thought – but now Bob Alexander did something: Die Vectrex32 SmartCart. On a clear board to a microcontroller is a modern 32-bit processor with 200Mhz and a 512kB RAM module. For comparison: The Vectrex clocked at 1 MHz and used it a simple instruction set; floating-point arithmetic, we do not want to talk. This board is plugged into the module bay, From there leads the 32-bit processor, the processing by the processor during the Vectrex only reads the video memory of the board and use this information to record the vectors.

In a demonstration video Bob impressively shows, what is possible with the Vectrex32:

Bob lives in the US and has the Hard- develops and software Vectrex32 entirely alone. He now sells first 20 Copies of SmartCart for $150. plus. Shipping and customs charges will cost the Vectrex32 SmartCart for German buyers at the current exchange rate ca. 200 EUR.

For further information in Vector Gaming Forum or on the website nicely done to find.

The Vectrex32 SmartCart could herald a new era for the Vectrex. I press the thumbs Bob, that Vectrex32 by collectors, Players, especially once one or the other developer is adopted and arise out new interesting games for the Vectrex.

2 thoughts on “Vectrex32 SmartCart: The power of two hearts

  1. the appropriate, but high price is likely to prevent the unfortunately. And I do not like personally so, which then not much more than one terminal is the Vectrex, a Vector Monitor. I see that, which calculates another computer. Just as you might as well connect a PC, or?

    • And, you could connect your PC; However, I do not know how you were going to connect without much tinkering. And the screen layout of the Vectrex is based vectors and not on the basis of an image line by line construction. But without a doubt is the question, whether the Vectrex with Vectrex32 still a Vectrex is. Also there is the part of developers criticism: To develop and test the Vectrex32 always be stuck in the Vectrexkonsole and the software created to be laboriously loaded onto the Vectrex32. I think it's still an interesting thing; However, still missing to date the right games.

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