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This time a short post on his own behalf: is a German language website for the Vectrex console. And it will remain that way; All articles will continue written in German. Thus, the information available to a wider audience available, is is multilingual since today. So no longer merely “Man spricht deutsch” (alluding to Gerhard Polt Satire), but we also speak English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Flag_English Flag_German Flag_Italian Flag_Japanese Flag_Spanish

The translation of the texts is done by machine, not expect too much of, so please, translations will read quite bumpy. but to understand the content, it should be enough. The language is automatically determined by the browser setting, if the 'time did not work out, then your language from the selection list “TRANSLATION” (right) select manually. Oh yes: “thank you!” to Ofer Wald for his excellent Plug-In Transposh.

In this sense: Hello Vectrex world!

EDIT: As far as I've seen in the server logs, automatic language detection doesn't work very well using the submitted browser values. The language is now always set to German and changes only with manual selection.

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