Vectrex serial numbers database V2.0 online

Each Vectrex owner has at least one. Or even more: Vectrex serial numbers! At each Vectrex console rear sports a white sticker, on which are the serial number and the exact model.
At exactly this information is what the Vectrex serial numbers database: Here are serial numbers and other information collected centrally and made available online general. And why is it called “Version 2.0”? There has been a Vectrex Serial Number List of Vectrex lovers Gauze, but this was not maintained in size and was very simple, the data and queries. Oliver from VectrexMuseum has therefore made it and a new Vectrex Serial Number Database V2.0 programmed.

From the information gathered already the one or other interesting information could be in the past to win. So we now know, for example,, that delivered at the end of the short Vectrex Vectrex era models with serial number 31xxxxx no longer have the Vectrex typical hum.
The more entries are present in the database, the sooner can make analysis on it and draw conclusions. Now: DC back depreciate on the Vectrex the information on the label, or take a picture with the phone and then in the Vectrex Serial Number Database enter!

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  1. Hey Helmut, hab grad your site discovered 🙂 Thanks for the contribution to the Serial Data Base. I pack your site with the link list at the Museum.

    Good luck in 2013 and Happy Stock Game!


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