First worldwide Vectrex Gameday

Am 1. November was the first global Vectrex Gameday (engl. Play Your Vectrex Day) instead of. On this day all the Vectrex lovers were invited, their Vectrex from the basement up or down to pick up from the attic and play a little, then to centrally entered in the Vectrex Wiki. The aim of the event is to share the fun on the Vectrex with others and to communicate. Participation had 24 Vectrex collectors and players from different nations. More information and all participants of the Play Your Vectrex Days 2012 you find in Vectrex-Wiki. The Vectrex Gameday is every year on 1. held November, so best equal to the 1. November 2013 Enter the calendar. Next year, a reminder is also here in time be posted. Then it means: join in!

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