No Swiss cheese: vecZ

“Who invented it?” could be in the Vectrexspiel “vecZ” ask:

René Bauer, Lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts and in the retro scene as “”la1n” (engl. lion, lion) known, would have 2015 the game Squarez presented. Squarez is a port of conceived by him and developed the browser game “Squarez”. In 2015 hat René die Demo “sinZ” released, a demo with a waved lettering and an animated face.

His latest work “vecZ” is a vertical shooter, of me a little of the game Xevious remind: The player controls his spaceship through a kind of canyon with various defense facilities and opponents. vecZ is graphically aware rather minimalistic but attractively decorated; the majority of the opponents are composed of four lines.

René has posted to its website kindly the Binary of vecZ ready, together with overlay graphics and source code; so everyone can easily vecZ once in a Vectrex emulator such. B. ParaJVE try out. Further, in Madtronix vecZ as yellow slim Cartridge (Boards without housing) be ordered and overlay. Thank you very much, René, for the attractive and very well playable vecZ!

3 thoughts on “No Swiss cheese: vecZ

  1. I wonder now what I was doing wrong. Have two already something ordered from Madtronix and did not even get an answer.

    • You're doing nothing wrong, tilobyte, I am feeling the same: want. three weeks I had the VecZ in John (Madtronix) ordered and, unfortunately, still no response. :-/ This is time and again as in John; why not give up hope. 🙂

  2. In the meantime, I had a sign of life Madtronix (John) in the Facebook group “Vectrex Fans Unite!” read: Madtronix is ​​probably ca. two months its orders in arrears. As written, it is only a matter of time, are you, tilobyte, and I'll get a response from him.

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