What is actually under or Homebrew. Homebrew Games?

questions and answersAt the beginning of my Vectrex collectors existence I stumbled time and again on the concept “Homebrew” or. Homebrew Games. I do not know about you or went, but I could do with the little phrase.

To understand the concept, I briefly describe the life cycle of a game console, the earlier as now equal: A new game console always comes with a range of games on the market. These first games are to the success or failure of a console, incidentally quite crucial. This is followed by other titles and eventually, usually after a few years, is the console manufacturer producing the console. It then may appear for a while yet new title, but eventually breaks it off, because the game development is no longer viable or there is a new or different, are more lucrative game console.
Thus, the life cycle of the console ends, if it were not for the homebrew developer: Defect newly appearing games begin individuals from their own enthusiasm for a particular console out, New Games “your” to develop console itself. Based on home-brewed beer (engl. “Homebrew”) are the so-developed games as “Homebrew” designated. “Homemade” it hits the German quite well. Typically, it is small- and very short runs, purchased by enthusiasts and collectors of this console.

The development of homebrew on the Vectrex 1996 begun with John Donzila ever, so only 12 Years after the manufacture and sale of the Vectrex were set. From 1996 today arrived but then continuously new homebrew games added, as their basis the Go List Vectrexspiele can see. Currently there are three active Vectrex homebrew developer: Martijn Wenting (Revival Studios), Kristof Tuts (Tutstronix) and George Pelonis (Fury Unlimited).

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