Is the Vectrex console something special?

questions and answersVectrex – the holy grail of video game consoles! The most iconic retro console ever! Is in such statements some truth? Is the Vectrex compared with other retro consoles ever more?

Something've probably already experienced her: Friends rave about a movie, tell you the half of the film and my finally: “Since you have to go in necessarily!”. Then you take a look at the film in the cinema, and what is? Throughout the film you wonder, what for so particularly to be in the film and realize, that you anyway do not like this kind of movie and humor and you also know the half. in short: disappointment! boredom!

If you buy you with high expectations a Vectrex, then after unpacking and first games will almost certainly be a major disappointment. The games are with today's standards measured as primitive to designate. And with 8 KB memory, and 1,5 MHz processor to harvest most disbelief and regret.

Considering the Vectrex little closer and with reasonable expectations, holds a different matter, because the Vectrex has a retro console actually a lot to offer.

Some facts of the Vectrex particularly:

  • The Vectrex is the only retro console with built-in vector screen. Together with the handle and the controller, which can be accommodated on the housing, is to refer to them almost as portable. Were it not for the fight weighing nearly 8 kg.
  • Graphics, the Vectrex not as usual by means of pixels (Pixel), but with lines (vectors) on the tube represents screen.
  • The production of the Vectrex was adjusted due to the video crash after two years: *1982 †1984
  • All Original Games of the Vectrex are released for general use.
  • The Vectrex was one of the first console with 3D display. Also drawing on the screen by the light pen was then a novelty.
  • For the Vectrex are still numerous individuals developed by Games (Homebrew) appeared. And the games development continues…

Also striking is the appearance of the Vectrex:

  • The opinions on the square, black exterior differ sharply; from “absolutely kultig” to “threatening” The spectrum ranges. A curiosity is the black shoebox with perpendicular gestelltem screen all.
  • The black and white representation of the vectors (lines) is really sharp and well worth seeing (the brightness may not be on the high shot).
  • The color films (Overlays), which color is brought into the otherwise white line world of Vectrex, Opinions are also controversial.
  • Depending flickers on the number of vectors shown and the condition of capacitors and the image flickers more or less.
  • The Vectrex typical hum costs a little nervous. If it's gone, there is a also funny to.

In sum
The Vectrex is on different ways actually a special retro console. Yet they will not appeal to everyone Retro collectors or players. Who already toying with a Vectrex, the Vectrex should even look at live and play and then decide. Or just let it it a try.

Which is your favorite console? What do you think of the Vectrex? What you'll find on the Vectrex particularly?

One thought on “Is the Vectrex console something special?

  1. For me, my VETREX (Model No.3000-G1-Euro) mit einprogrammierten Minestorm- and associated rippoff – and Scramblespiel a youth remembrance. Even my son, studied the game design, is an avid fan of this rare, nevertheless he could use it very rarely. Now it is a decade in the closet and I still hear
    the start, of- and wins melodies. Simply unforgettable!

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